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Cities that reduce speed limits improve road safety and cut emissions, European study finds

Implementing 30km/h speed limits reduces road crash fatalities, emissions, noise pollution, and fuel consumption.

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On the current trajectory, 100% of new city buses will be emissions-free by 2027.
Ending minimum parking requirements has spurred development in some areas and increased the supply of affordable housing.
China has become the world’s largest auto market and sells more electric vehicles than any other country, with 9.5 million cars delivered in 2023.
During the evening peak period, the buses will send stored solar energy back into the grid.
The number of daily cycling journeys reached 1.26 million in 2023, up 20% from 2019, pre-Covid levels.
The vouchers are saving 170,000 miles in car trips a week and 3,300 tonnes of emissions annually.